Online Certificate & Professional Certification For The #InfoBOK


INFO Certificate

To be released in Sept 2018, the INFO Certificate is the world's first free certificate based on the open source body of knowledge, the #InfoBOK. Available to all, for free, the INFO designation can be attained by all who wish to demonstrate their broad knowledge across all areas of the InfoBOK. The INFO designation shows that an individual has attained a specific set of capabilities required for most roles within the information profession.

INFOSTRAT Certification

To be released in Sept 2019, the INFOSTRAT Certification the exclusive certification based on the entirety of the InfoBOK. Attainment of the INFOSTRAT demonstrates that the individual has a broad and deep knowledge across all areas of the InfoBOK, along with leadership capabilities assessment. An INFOSTRAT has a specific set of capabilities and knowlege required for leadership roles within the information profession.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The INFO designation will be free?

Yes, free. An individual will have to create an account and provide full contact information. An option will exist for individuals to pay for a printed version of their certificate to be mailed to them.

How can I get involved?

As we're continuing to develop the underlying body of knowledge upon which the INFO and INFOSTRAT certs will be based, we are currently accepting applications to receive an invitation to collaborate on the project.

I have another question...

Please Contact us with any additional questions you may have.
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