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The Knowledge Of The Community, Reflected

We believe that any community-driven project should have benefits to that community and beyond. The development of a body of knowledge shouldn't create artificial boundaries for the use of that body of knowledge. Proprietary information and licensing shouldn't hinder the use of any body of knowledge.

That's why we're doing things differently.

The Information Body of Knowledge (#InfoBOK)

A project started by the Information Coalition (the team behind the Information Governance Conference), the Information Body of Knowledge, or InfoBOK, is a community defined body of knowledge across all disciplines of the information profession. Covering everything from Information Management, Records Management, Privacy, Security, Big Data, Process, eDiscovery, Compliance, Business Process Management, and beyond - the goal of the InfoBOK is to create a cohesive and strategic discipline out of the fragmentation that currently exists across the information profession.

Companies and organizations rely on information - having a single source of best practices and knowledge, developed both for and by the community, is essential to ensure best possible outcomes.

While other organizations have developed bodies of knowledge, they have all been locked behind proprietary licenses and permissions which make the efforts less than useful beyond the purposes for which the bodies of knowledge were created (most often for revenue-driving certificate courses and certifications).

The InfoBOK will be released under a CC BY-ND 3.0 license. 

We expect that companies will utilize the InfoBOK in their professional development and training; that colleges will leverage the InfoBOK in their syllabuses and course catalogs, that individuals will use the InfoBOK as a reference tool, and we're sure there will be other uses that we simply can't even envision yet. As the Information Coalition, we will use the InfoBOK for the development of a completely free certificate exam - which will credential individuals against the breadth of the InfoBOK. Later, we will leverage it to create an exclusive certification which will credential against both the breadth and depth of the InfoBOK, identifying top-tier experts in the profession.

We believe that the community's knowledge should belong to the community. So we started by developing a framework and validating that framework with the community. We accepted community solicitations on the scope of the InfoBOK. Now, we develop, collaboratively, the underlying knowledge, together.

This is your knowledge, this is your resource: the #InfoBOK.

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Thank you for learning more about our community effort to develop an open-source body of knowledge for the information profession.

Nick Inglis, President, Information Coalition (website)

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